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How To Read Google Search Results

We get so many inquiries from people that don’t understand Google search results. To help the average person better understand how Google lists search results, we decided to write about the different types of listings that appear in Google search queries. There are three different types of possible search results that appear in Google: organic or natural listings, sponsored or paid listings and local listings.

Google Sponsored Results

The listings that are seen at the top of Google are sponsored listings. Sponsored or paid listings are not seen in every search query, but just appear for keywords in which sites have paid for placement. Paid listings can not only be seen at the top of search results but also on the right side of search results. PPC ads on Google if managed properly can be useful for new websites to get to the top of searches quick. In order to get your website on Google’s sponsored listings you must create an account with Google Adwords and set CPC rates for your keywords. If you are not very familiar with the web and Google in particular, it might prove to be difficult to set up your own PPC campaign. Click Here to view more information on Google PPC including more on how it works and how to track your campaigns. One of the biggest reasons that companies choose not to pay for sponsored listings is because they can get costly and can significantly lower profit margins. The best way to get to the top of search engine results it to have a properly built search engine optimized website and show up high naturally without the excess fees from PPC.

Google Organic Results

That brings us to the next type of Google search results, natural or organic listings. Natural listings are the remaining listings, aside from sponsored listings, that appear in the main column of Google search results. Even though sponsored listings are shown above organic listings, many searchers opt to visit the organic listings over paid listings. Unlike sponsored listings, organic listings are free of charge. Every website has the possibility of showing up in the top of organic search results, but the best way to guarantee a top position is to build a search engine optimized website. Since organic listings are more cost effective than sponsored listings and are often visited more, we recommend for businesses to get search engine optimized websites and to aim for the top of organic search results. Click Here to learn more about search engine optimization or contact our SEO experts to discuss how a search engine optimized website can get your website on top of the organic listings.

Google Local Results

The last and least understood type of Google search results listings are local listings. Local listings appear when a Google search involves a location. Google Local shows business locations on a map that best match the search criteria. For example, when someone types in “Connecticut Website Design Company” businesses that match that phrase and location are added to the search results above organic listings. Signing up for Google Local is free of cost and any business with a physical business address may sign up. We recommend that if you have a physical business address, to sign up because this gives you more of a chance to show up high in Google search results. Click Here to add your business to Google Local.

After you have reviewed each type of Google search result listing you should be able to make an informed decision on which one or ones would be beneficial for your business. If after reading this you are still confused as to what type of listing would be best for your business Contact our website experts to discuss the benefits of each and let us help you find your best option(s).

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