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Why Do Google Search Results Vary Between Computers?

I’m sure you have noticed that Google Search Results are rarely the same. Say you check Google for you keywords on a Monday and are on the top of page one. If you go back Tuesday you may be on page 3 or 4 in Google Search Results. Or maybe you were #8 in Google Search Results at 9:00 am and at 11:00 am you were #24. Sometimes when we will tell clients we are on page one of Google Search Results for the phrase “website design company” they will do the Google search and find us on page two or even page three. Why does this happen? Why do Google Query results vary so drastically and over a short period of time?

The most obvious reason for Google Query Results varying is because Google could be making changes or updates. You might find your website on page one of Google one day and the next day it could be on page five because Google made some updates.

Google is also known for frequently changing their search engine algorithm, which is why website design companies find it so important to keep up with SEO tactic changes. If Google changes their search engine algorithm the search engine results are more than likely going to be very different. When one of the recent Google updates occurred it took a while for Google to re-place every website. You might have noticed this update when a large number of websites were missing out of Google search results. Eventually all websites were again ranked but it took some time for Google to complete its updates.

Google data centers are the most common reason Google Query Results vary. Google has multiple data centers in the US and a few international data centers. The Google data center you are getting your search results from is random and varies with each use.

Most data centers are pretty consistent with one another but a few are drastically different. Why would Google have data centers that vary so much? Maybe certain data centers are using older algorithms or maybe they haven’t indexed as many websites as others. Since Google doesn’t discuss or even acknowledge their data centers there really isn’t an answer to why their data center results vary.

With the varying results in Google searches you might be asking yourself, how can I get my website on top of every search regardless of the data center? While there is no way to guarantee a website will be on top of every search every time, the best way to be on top of search engine results most of the time is to work with a search engine optimization company. SEO Companies, including WebDuck Designs, keep up to date on the latest SEO tactics and search engine algorithm changes and know the most about getting and keeping websites on top of Google and other search engines. If you have additional questions about Google Search Results or if want to get your website to the top of Google Contact WebDuck Designs.

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