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How To Choose An SEO Company

Is SEO Right For Your Business?

Many people don’t realize that not all websites are created with Search Engine Optimization in mind. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) is when a website is designed around known search engine algorithm variables. New website owners need to decide prior to having a website built if SEO is important before the design process can begin. Designing a website to be search engine optimized will make a considerable difference in actual design of the website. Because ranking high in search engines is not a high priority for every website, new website owners need to weigh the pros and cons involved with having a search engine optimized website. .

Designing a website around Search Engine Optimization will limit website can look like. Many website designs companies offer beautiful websites with lots of animation and pictures but generally speaking those websites tend to NOT be very search engine friendly. If a website is properly planned and constructed, it can still be attractive to the eye and have the added benefit of ranking high on search engines. Since search engine optimization has very specific requirements, the website may not look exactly how a new website owner might have envisioned it. For instance, if a bicycle company wishes to have a picture at the top of their home page with no text, that would not be search engine friendly. If SEO was performed properly the website would have important keywords located at the top of their home page and not an image.

An important factor in deciding if your new website should be search engine optimized is budget. Having a search engine optimized website tends to be more costly than just designing a website without taking seo into consideration. Most established web development companies that specialize in search engine optimization like WebDuck Designs offer various payment options to help ease the burden of a website that might initially seem out of your planned budget. If you choose to have a non-seo website constructed today and are looking to include SEO down the road it is difficult to implement all SEO tactics since Search Engine Optimization is incorporated in the actual website design. If you have the most beautiful website in the world and nobody can find it then what good is it?

Have You Found An SEO Specialist?

Many companies offer Search Engine Optimization services but few actually specialize in true SEO. The first way to find out if you have found a legitimate search engine optimization specialist is to see if you can find that company in any of the major search engines for important keywords. If SEO companies cannot get their own website to rank high in search engines that should be a good indicator as to whether or not they can properly seo your new website. How are they planning to get your website on top if they can’t get themselves on top? Search Engine Optimization Companies should be able to use there own website as an example of there seo ability. Would you pay a carpenter do do your cabinets if his own cabinets are falling apart? Not only are Search Engine Optimization specialists required to have current search engine algorithm knowledge, but good SEO companies can plan for future search engine algorithm changes. Since the internet is always changing, Search Engine Optimization specialists need to be able to quickly adapt to any changes that are sure to arise in the near future.

After determining that a website design company does in fact specialize in Search Engine Optimization, the next step is to find out what some of their main SEO tactics are. Not every website design company practices ethical SEO tactics. In order for your website to gain the best possible ranking with the major search engines it is important that the Search Engine Optimization techniques used on your website are legitimate methods of optimization as opposed to sneaky tricks designed to fool a search engine. If a search engine determines that you are not using proper SEO tactics they are likely to drop your website altogether from search results. Don't be afraid to ask Search Engine Optimization Companies how they get websites to the top of search engines. If they choose not to answer, chances are they are not using ethical SEO tactics or they don't have a clue and the examples they have shown you are just pure luck. Unethical Search Engine Optimization services include things like: IP cloaking, dummy redirects, irrelevant words added to web pages and duplicate content pages.

Ask Search Engine Optimization Companies how they will determine your important keywords. SEO companies need to know what keywords you want to be found under and what will make you money. Not only should Search Engine Optimization specialists inquire about what you want to be found under, but they need to perform thorough research of your competition. It is important for SEO firms to be able to determine and understand why your competitor’s websites rank high. Finding out how your competition acquires a high ranking allows a seo expert to capitalize on what your competition has already done while at the same time making improvements to your new website.

How Much Experience Does The Search Engine Optimization Company Have?

Experienced SEO specialists are likely to have more knowledge about search engines than companies with less experience. Find out how long the Search Engine Optimization Company has been around. The longer an SEO firm has been around the more websites they are likely to have done work on. Find out about how many clients the SEO firm is currently doing work for. This allows you to make sure that they are knowledgeable on current Search Engine Optimization techniques.

One of the easiest ways to find good SEO companies is to ask around. Talk to as many friends and businesses you know which use the internet and find out who they would recommend. Not only will your affiliates be able to tell you what Search Engine Optimization Company they prefer, but more importantly they will tell you what companies to avoid giving your hard earned money to.

A good way to find out an SEO company’s abilities is to look at their portfolio. Search Engine Optimization portfolios will provide you with a list of websites which they have designed. You can find out how well those websites rank for keywords in the search engines on your own. Or you can ask for examples of websites they have done Search Engine Optimization work for and where those sites rank for their important keywords. How well past clients websites rank will give you a good idea of what ranking they can get for your website.

You can either ask a Search Engine Optimization Company for references from previous clients or can contact them directly from their portfolio. Good SEO Companies are happy when you contact past clients to ask their experience. Feedback that you get from past clients will help determine how well the SEO Company will work for you. If a company has satisfied long term clients which keep coming back for their Search Engine Optimization needs that can help in determining how well an SEO company works with their clients.

What Can The SEO Firm Offer You?

Many people focus on costs when shopping around for an SEO specialist. Don’t be surprised if a Search Engine Optimization firm is unable to give an exact quote at first. Many SEO Companies will not give an exact price until they are sure you will be using their services. Quotes are not given because it allows customers to take the knowledge one Search Engine Optimization Company has given and take it to another less expensive SEO firm. Instead ask what the average price of their Search Engine Optimized websites are so you can get an understanding of about how much your website will cost.

Some Search Engine Optimization specialists only work with clients who have larger budgets. This allows you to select a SEO Company which fits within your website budget. The SEO firms which only work with larger budgets will often work out payment plans. Payment plans will allow you to pay for a properly made SEO website over a period of time instead of getting hit with a big upfront fee.

Since Search Engine Optimization is not an exact science SEO specialists cannot guarantee their work. There is no way to be certain that your website will rank well with search engines. Avoid companies which guarantee their SEO services will put your website on top. Search Engine Optimization Companies do not have total control over search engine rankings. They can build your website using all the SEO techniques they know, but that still does not guarantee your website a high ranking. Google has even stated that “no one can guarantee a number one ranking on Google”.

Not only is it impossible to guarantee a number one ranking it is also hard to say how long it takes for Search Engine Optimization efforts to take effect. It takes time for any website to gain importance with the search engines. It takes months and sometime years for SEO work to show its full potential. Do not work with companies which state that their Search Engine Optimization services will have your website ranking high in only days.

Prior to having an SEO website built make sure you are provided with a detailed project scope. Customers should know what they are going to receive for their investment. Project scopes should contain a detailed description of what Search Engine Optimization work will be done and how it will be performed. This lets you know upfront what you should expect so that you can ensure you are receiving what you paid for.

In the end it all comes down to what your gut feelings are about a Search Engine Optimization Company. Did anything they say or do raise flags in your head? Did the SEO Company take time to get to know your business and what you are looking for? Did they thoroughly explain the Search Engine Optimization services you will be receiving? Do the SEO services they offer appeal to what you are in need of? Bottom line make sure that the Search Engine Optimization Company you work with has knowledge of search engine algorithms and can prove their tactics work.

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