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Programming Services

PHP has quickly evolved into the most widely used server side programming language on the web. With PHP 5.6 adding much needed support for XML, the popularity of PHP has even surpassed languages like asp, cold fustion and .net from the technology giants like Microsoft and Adobe. The possibilities of what you can do with PHP are only limited to your own imagination. In most cases what you want to do has already been done and is available online for free through file sharing websites like GitHub.

WebDuck Designs is a huge supporter of PHP and has been developing custom PHP applications for years. Below is just a small example of the types of projects we have developed using php over the 15+ years we have been in business.

Content Management Systems

Tired of paying website developers to change or update the content on your website? WebDuck Designs has a solution. Using PHP with MySQL, WebDuck Designs has built many content managed websites with password protected administrative panels. If you would like more information about a custom PHP content managed website or would like to see an example then feel free to contact us at any time.

Project Management System

Recently, WebDuck Designs created a complete content management system for Keiler & Company out of Farmington Connecticut. Keiler is a very successful marketing company that needed a solution to help manage their projects. Some of the options included in this custom PHP application are a password protected admin panel, permission levels for developers and administrators, task manager, internal memos, ability to add categories for projects, automatic directory creation for each project to store file uploads and the ability for clients to log on, view their projects and make comments regarding the progress of their project. If you have any questions about a custom PHP based project management system or would like to see an example of the Keiler Project Management System then feel free to contact us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions or inquiries you might have.

Dynamic Photo Gallery

Using PHP with MySQL is a great way to create a dynamic photo gallery. WebDuck Designs actually uses a pre made PHP script called "Plogger" created by a group of volunteers to build dynamic photo galleries. The PHP script is open source and easily customizable to individual needs. WebDuck Designs has also created numerous custom photo galleries using PHP specifically for property managers and real estate agencies. For most applications you will find Plogger to be a simple solution. For more information about Plogger you can visit their website by clicking here or by contacting us. Although Plogger is free, we can install a copy for you and have it up and running within a couple hours for a small fee.

Custom Cloud Based Inventory Management Systems

PHP is the perfect media when you need to build custom cloud based systems. A good example of a custom cloud based system WebDuck Designs developed using PHP is the cloud based inventory management system we designed and built for American Laboratory Trading ( ALT ). Alt needed a custom system to manage and track their inventory. The custom system we developed allows ALT to track products from the moment they are received all the way to the point where it leaves the building In addition to managing the inventory, the cloud based system also integrated into their website that was also developed by WebDuck Designs so that the website only displays products that are available for sale. If you are in need of a custom cloud based application then make sure you call WebDuck Designs at 651-674-3834 and talk to one of our PHP developers.

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