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MYSQL Database Services

MySQL is an open sourced database solution that integrates seamlessly with PHP. Just because MySQL is open sourced does not mean it is a subpar performer. In fact, MySQL more than holds up its own against some of the brand name database applications like Microsoft's SQL and Oracle. For web applications MySQL offers the perfect combination of speed, reliability, features and affordability.

WebDuck Designs uses MySQL as its preferred solution for all of our dynamic web applications. If you are in need of a database solution for your dynamic website or web application, you can't go wrong by choosing MySQL. WebDuck Designs has several MySQL developers with over 15 years of experience to help you with your database driven project. We are ready to design, build and optimize your MySQL database application for you. If you need MySQL development then make sure you give us a call a 651-674-3834 and talk to one of our MySQL developers.