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Custom Logo Design / Logo Re-Creation

A company's logo is one of the most important elements in establishing a company's identity. Company logos are used on letterhead, t-shirts, signs, websites and countless other forms of marketing media as a way to increase brand awareness. Every company and business is unique so designing their logo should be approached on an individual basis. At WebDuck Designs we do not use pre-made logo templates and alter the colors or make changes to some text and call it your new logo. Instead we work with you to build a custom logo to ensure we create the perfect symbol for your company or business.

WebDuck Design not only creates custom logos, but we also re-create logos for people who have a logo already designed and need it in specific file formats. If you have a logo design and need to send it to a printer or publisher but don't have the right file formats then give WebDuck Designs a call and let us re-create your logo for you.

Logo Design
Call for pricing on a Custom Logo Design
* Includes mutliple logo designs to chose from and unlimited revisions
* Once a design has been settled upon, all raw files of the logo are handed over to you as well as the finished logo in any file formats you require.

Logo Re-creation
Call for pricing on Logo Re-creations
* Includes any file formats you require for all of your branding needs.

Business Card Design
Call for pricing on Custom Business Card Designs
* We can take your logo and design a business card around it.
* WebDuck Designs does not provide a printing service. We can recommend commercial printers that produce a good quality product in a timely manner at a competitive price.