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JavaScript once started out as a way to validate input fields, but has quickly become one of the most useful and robust programming languages for website development. The developers at WebDuck Designs are very experienced with JavaScript programming and JavaScript applications. We have written JavaScript code to accomplish everything from simple rollover affects in photo galleries to manipulating CSS ( DHTML ). With the relatively recent development of Ajax, JavaScript has been given a new life. If you need some JavaScript programming added to your website feel free to contact us for a free estimate. Pricing for JavaScript projects and applications are given on a project basis.

Note: The Developers at WebDuck Designs do NOT use Dreamweaver generated JavaScript code. Although functional, Dreamweaver JavaScript code is messy and embedded within the head tag of a page as opposed to being located on an includes page. Dreamweaver JavaScript is also limited and difficult to manipulate due to its variable naming process.


JavaScript is a great way to perform mathematical calculations in real time. WebDuck Designs can build you a calculator custom to your needs using JavaScript. Below is a list of possible calculators that may increase the usability of your website.

* Mortgage Calculator
* Auto Loan Calculator
* Loan payment Calculator
* Labor Charges Calculator
* Shopping Cart Calculator

Events Calendar:

JavaScriptcombined with a server based technology like PHP can be used to create a compact events calendar that can be placed anywhere on your website.
The process of combining PHP and JavaScript is commonly referred to as Ajax.

Rollover Affects:

One of the most widely used JavaScript scripts is the rollover affect. Rollover affects can be applied as a simple link or as a more complex photo gallery application. Combined with CSS, JavaScript rollover affects can greatly enhance the overall experience a visitor has when he/she visits your website.

CSS Manipulation:

CSS manipulation with JavaScript is also known as DHTML or Dynamic HTML. By using JavaScript in conjunction with CSS based layouts, you can add a lot of flexibility to your website designs. JavaScript can be used to hide / show various site elements, even column height for multiple column web pages, and dynamically control the style properties of various page elements.

Form Field Validation:

JavaScript was initially created to validate data users input into form fields. Over the last couple of years JavaScript has evolved into a much more robust and useful programming language yet still remains the most widely used type of form field validation.

Note: Site visitors can bypass JavaScript form field validation by simply disabling JavaScript on their browsers. Because of this, it's a good idea to have a backup validation method.

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